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Get a complete Linux Server System and workstation from us. Why?

We select your components and assure that your hardware is supported by all the major operating systems. Delivering an optimal machine is our primary goal therefor we use standard components thus ensuring your server can be updated and not replaced every three years. The assembly, installation and testing of your whole system before delivery, simply guarantees your satisfaction and expedites your uptime. Administration can be accomplished via remote by offering updates and technical services as opposed to an on-site service call, saving you money and cutting your downtime.


Thinking of replacing those once "state of the art" computers inside your office? The ones that used to be fast and efficient?

We highly suggest reading this tid bit. When your PCs get slow and non- responsive simply changing the operating system can be the right choice for you and here's why:
Most office PCs support the use of Linux now. So, spending a mere $39 on a Linux distribution that contains thousands of valuable programs as opposed to several thousand dollars on new PC's that will be in the same boat the ones you currently own are now. Make sense?


Edit your Website with your browser, from anywhere in just seconds.

Did you ever try to make that fast 2 Word change on your Website without spending 20 minutes on it? Its so simple! With XMLpen you can make this changes in just a few seconds, and all you need on your client computers is really just ANY browser. There are no plug-ins to install, no Java, no activeX, it even works without Javascript. You can use XMLpen from your Palmtop or from your Laptop, your Mac, your Sun, your Windows of all Flavors. All you need is a basic Internet browser and a connection to the Server.
Since you don't have to install anything special on the client computers, you need no extra service time and men for installing or maintaining the installation of several hundred Workstations with software X, not counting the cost for the software-licenses, and the time used for updates and Bugfixes, when you have to make changes on several machines.XMLpen is installed and updated on the server only! You have no extra Jobs to do on the Clients and you can use hundreds of different clients without regard of Hardware, Software and Compatibility. Your clients can include everything from the ordinary windows PC to a full-blown Workstation or a small PDA.

How does it work?



System requirements

Any kind of device with a Web browser and a connection to the Server

Any Server able to run a CGI spec 1.0 compliant webserver (means nearly any webserver)
and a c/c++ compiler like gcc/gpp (some binaries are available as well)
with Posix compatible or win32 compatible API.
If you don't understand that: Don't worry!
This means basically any machine build in the last years that is used as a webserver.
Like Windows NT/2000, Linux, SCO Unix, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, BSD to only name a few...
Actually even Windows 95/98/ME/XP would qualify but I doubt anybody would seriously use them as Webserver...


Sample Uses

Large Company Web-Sites, Local and distributed Government Services, Schools, Universities

Basically every Site with changing content where the content is either changed by a large number of people or/and from several perhaps even mobil stations.

Demo Site

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in preparation


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