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Where can I find more help?

Most Topics are addressed in the Support forum, you are free to post there any questions you have. Please register and log-in to use the forum.


Other Support options

We offer different levels of support for our programs like: Our packaged, custom, and most common programs. Support is very much of a cost factor so we've tried to be competitive. While some Companies effectively charge you for the courtesy of even speaking to them we have a little compassion. You get a free quote from us including some free counseling as long as it is contract or offer related. Paying for services that are more involved and consistantly helps you seems a better value now doesn't it?

In most cases we can help you with our remote Support / remote Hands on Service. In-house service calls are cost intensive from the get go... gas, time etc... it just makes sense if we don't incure those upfront costs in the first place a lower service charge is passed on to you.

Support for our Software Products

The choice is simple:

Other support related Prices

normal support ( Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm EST) $60/h
extended support (Mon-Sat; 7am-10pm EST) $80/h
developer support $100/h
basic consulting $60/h
senior consulting $100/h
detailed business and problem analysis and writing of specifications therefor $50/h
programming dependent on required experience $30/h-$100/h

Billing is in 15 min. increments for a minimum of 30 min. per billing period (month).

For details and availability please mail us.

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